2014 Chevrolet Tahoe
Bonneau Police Department


Our team worked closely with the Bonneau Police Department to help design and upfit a newly acquired Chevrolet Tahoe. The department required a multi-purpose upfit that could work as both an investigations unit and unmarked traffic enforcement unit. This unit features a full Federal Signal light package with the addition of Whelen Foglights and SoundOff Intersectors. Our package also includes a full flood mode feature for increased officer safety in nightime scenarios.

Tricounty Upfitters is a full service upfit shop located in Charleston, South Carolina. We work with a wide range of Law Enforcement agencies around the state, and understand no two agencies are alike. Whether your agency is large or small we strive to provide you with total piece of mind both during and long after the upfit process. Our team of professionals are here to assist you with everything from designing a new graphics package, to creating a quality lighting package at a budget friendly price. As a full turn-key operation your vehicles will be duty ready the moment they leave our lot. Contact us today and experience the Tricounty Upfitters difference!

Law Enforcement:

2015 Ford Utility
Isle of Palms Police Department


Our team recently upfit a fleet of Ford Utility's for the Isle of Palms Police Department. The cruisers which were to be assigned to Command Staff and Shift Supervisors required a slicktop package. With this in mind we put together a full Federal Signal lighting package with the addition of SoundOff Signal Intersectors. As part of the package these cruiser feature a dual color SpectraLux ILS Visor Bar and single color CN Signalmaster in the rear. A PAR36 Spotlight upgrade was also included to compliment the floodmode from the visor during night operations. With officer safety in mind, a pair of blue MPS300 were installed in the bottom of the hatch to allow warning lights when the hatch is open. On the interior we feature a Gamber Johnson console w/ printer mounted armrest. A universal mount laptop mount on a mongoose swing arm was also included for both comfort and functionality.


2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV
Charleston County Aviation Authority Police Department


The Charleston County Aviation Authority Police Department (CCAAPD) needed an upfit that could help officers respond to a number of scenarios ranging from aircraft emergencies to traffic enforcement. With this in mind, our team built this vehicle to ensure both high visibility and functionality by creating a complete 180 degree lighting package that offered 3 levels of visibility. This cruiser features a dual color Federal Signal Integrity lightbar which provides officers with forward facing flood mode, front/rear cruise mode and an arrow stick in the back. To compliment the package we included  2 4-piece Federal Signal SignalMasters mounted to a GoRhino pushbar, Whelen M4 Surface mounted Foglights and SoundOff Signal Intersectors. Due to the noise levels at the airport we opted to included a Federal Signal Rumbler siren system to increase both pedestrian and officer safety.

2014 Dodge Charger
Orangeburg Department of Public Safety


One of several Dodge Chargers our group up-fit for the Orangebuge Department of Public Safety. On this build our team put together a blue/red Federal Signal lighting package. On the front this cruiser features a Federal Signal Legend lightbar, GoRhino "Light Ready" push bar with forward mounted IPX620 LEDs and Whelen Par36 LED Fog lights. To compliment the the forward lighting package, we included Federal Tag Lights and Tail Light Flashers to provide additional rear warning for motorists approaching from the rear. On the interior this vehicle features a Kustom Signal radar system with front/rear antenna, prisoner partition and window guards.

2014 Dodge Charger
Folly Beach Department of Public Safety


As part of the upfit, the Folly Beach Department of Public Safety wanted to switch to a red and blue lighting package to represent both the law enforcement and fire sides of the agency. Our team was only too happy to assist, and went with a 45" Federal Signal Legend Lightbar featuring Red/Blue caps. A pair of dual color Federal Signal IPX620 LEDs were also installed in the grill, a long with an 8 head Federal Signal Lateral deck and Red/Blue rear corner LEDs. On the interior our team went with a Federal Signal PA640 controller accompanied by an externally mounted ES100 siren speaker. To maintain the ergonomics of the vehicle we selected a Gamber Johnson console with an accompanying RAM Laptop Console Mount. A GoRhino prisoner partition and Window Guards were also installed to provide the officer with complete peace of mind during transports.


2014 Dodge Charger
St. George Police Department


The St. George Police Department approached our team with the need to upfit their brand new "Hemi Interceptor" inspired 2014 Dodge Chargers. With I-95 located within its jurisdiction, the St. George Police Department often performs traffic enforcement on the interstate. With this in mind, we opted for a 44" Federal Signal Integrity Lightbar with full flood option for increased officer safety. An 8-Head SignalMaster deck with directionals was also installed in the back window to compliment the lightbar. On the front of the cruiser we went with Whelen Par36 LED fog lights, and a GoRhino "Light Ready" push bar with front and side mounted blue/white IPX620 LEDs. On the interior we went with a Gamber Johnson console and computer mount with mongoose swing arm, GoRhino Prisoner Partition and Setina window guards to complete the package.


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